How to Add Money to PrizePicks | Step-by-Step Guide

How to Add Money to PrizePicks | Step-by-Step Guide

Supported Deposit Methods on PrizePicks

PrizePicks offers a variety of convenient deposit methods to fund your account and start playing. The main options include Visa and Discover credit or debit cards, PayPal, and Instant Bank Transfer. Each method has its own simple process to add money securely.

Choosing the right deposit method depends on your preference for speed, security and accessibility. Credit/debit cards and PayPal allow for quick deposits, while bank transfers may take a bit longer but draw funds directly from your checking account. Let’s explore each option in more detail.

Credit and Debit Cards

PrizePicks accepts Visa and Discover credit or debit cards for fast and easy deposits. Simply click on the appropriate card tab, enter your card number, expiration date, CVV code, and billing ZIP code. Your deposit will be processed instantly and the funds available for play right away.

Note that currently, Mastercard is only accepted for deposits from users in eligible states. These include Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Vermont and Virginia. Unfortunately American Express cards are not supported at this time.


Depositing with PayPal is a popular option that offers flexibility and security. If you have an existing PayPal balance, you can use those funds to deposit instantly to your PrizePicks account. No need to share any financial details directly.

You can also link your bank account to your PayPal account to draw funds for deposits. This process differs slightly on desktop versus the PayPal mobile app, but either way allows you to move money from your bank to PrizePicks through the secure PayPal platform. Check out the step-by-step guides for each method below.

Instant Bank Transfer

Instant Bank Transfer, powered by Aeropay, allows you to deposit directly from your bank account. After entering your desired deposit amount, you’ll select your bank from the list of options. You then log in using your online banking credentials and confirm the transfer details. Aeropay facilitates the secure verification to initiate the deposit to your PrizePicks balance.

If you don’t see your bank listed or have trouble connecting it, contact PrizePicks Member Support for assistance finding an alternative deposit method. They are available 24/7 to troubleshoot any issues.

Deposit Method Processing Time Minimum Deposit
Visa/Discover Card Instant $10
PayPal Balance Instant $10
PayPal Bank Transfer 3-4 Business Days $10
Instant Bank Transfer 1-4 Business Days $10

Step-by-Step Guide to Depositing Funds

Ready to add funds to your PrizePicks account? Follow these simple steps based on your preferred deposit method. Soon you’ll be picking players and winning real cash prizes!

Depositing with Credit/Debit Card

  1. Log in to your PrizePicks account and go to the Deposit page
  2. Click on the Visa or Discover tab
  3. Enter your credit or debit card number, expiration date, CVV code, and billing ZIP code
  4. Input the amount you wish to deposit ($10 minimum)
  5. Agree to the terms and click “Deposit”
  6. Wait for confirmation that your deposit was successful

Depositing via PayPal

To deposit with your PayPal balance:

  1. Log in to your PrizePicks account and go to the Deposit page
  2. Click the PayPal tab
  3. Enter your deposit amount ($10 minimum)
  4. Log in to your PayPal account to confirm the transaction
  5. Your deposit will be processed instantly and available for play

To deposit using a bank account linked to PayPal (desktop):

  1. Log in to your PayPal account separately
  2. Go to the Wallet page and link your bank account
  3. Follow the prompts to confirm the bank account
  4. Log in to PrizePicks, go to the Deposit page, and select PayPal
  5. Enter the deposit amount and log in to PayPal to confirm
  6. Choose your linked bank account as the funding source

To deposit using a bank account linked to PayPal (mobile app):

  1. Log in to the PayPal app
  2. Tap “Menu” and then “Banks and Cards”
  3. Tap “Link a new bank” and follow prompts to add your account
  4. Log in to PrizePicks, go to the Deposit page, and select PayPal
  5. Enter the deposit amount and log in to PayPal to confirm
  6. Choose your linked bank as the funding source

Depositing with Instant Bank Transfer

  1. Log in to your PrizePicks account and go to the Deposit page
  2. Select the “Instant Bank Transfer” option
  3. Enter the amount you want to deposit ($10 minimum)
  4. Choose your bank from the list provided
  5. Log in with your online banking username and password
  6. Confirm the transfer details and submit
  7. You will receive a confirmation email once the deposit clears

Troubleshooting Deposit Issues

While depositing on PrizePicks is usually a smooth process, occasional issues may arise that result in a rejected deposit. Some common reasons include:

  • Trying to deposit from a state where PrizePicks is not available
  • Hitting your deposit limit for the day, week or month
  • Not meeting the $10 minimum deposit threshold
  • The name on your deposit method not matching your PrizePicks account name
  • Your chosen deposit method is already linked to a different PrizePicks account
  • Entering incorrect info like your card number or bank login credentials

Common Reasons for Rejected Deposits

If your deposit is rejected, first double check that all the information you entered is accurate. Verify your PrizePicks account is in good standing and that you are located in an eligible state. Make sure your card info and bank credentials are entered correctly.

Be aware of any deposit limits you may have set or that PrizePicks imposes. The minimum deposit is $10 for all methods. Daily, weekly and monthly limits vary by user.

Reclaiming Funds After Failed Deposit

In some cases, the funds may leave your bank account but the deposit to PrizePicks is not successful. This can happen due to technical issues or other errors in processing. Rest assured, you will not lose this money. Contact PrizePicks Member Support right away to reclaim your funds and determine an alternate deposit method.

If your bank is not listed as an option for Instant Bank Transfer or your banking credentials fail to verify, you’ll need to use a card or PayPal instead. The PrizePicks team can advise on the best alternative for your situation.

Managing Payment Methods on PrizePicks

PrizePicks allows you to securely store your deposit methods to facilitate quick and easy transactions. You can manage your payment options through your account settings.

Limitations on Linked Payment Methods

To prevent fraud and abuse, PrizePicks does limit the number of payment methods you can attach to your account at a given time. Currently, the maximum is 2 credit cards and 1 PayPal account. Attempts to add more will be rejected.

You are also only permitted to associate a particular card or PayPal account with one PrizePicks account. If you want to use a payment method that is already linked to another person’s PrizePicks account, you will need to choose a different option.

Removing or Replacing Payment Methods

You may want to update your payment methods over time as cards expire or you switch banks. To remove a payment method from your PrizePicks account, go to the Deposit page and find the stored method. Click “Remove” to delete that card or PayPal account.

To add a new method, simply follow the process outlined earlier for your preferred deposit type. You’ll need to wait 60 days before re-adding a previously removed payment method. This 60-day waiting period is in place to prevent fraudulent activity.

Responsible Gaming and Deposit Limits

PrizePicks encourages all users to engage in responsible gaming practices. This includes setting personal deposit limits to ensure your play remains fun and affordable. We are committed to helping customers avoid negative habits and risks of overextending their resources.

You have the option to set your own deposit limits – daily, weekly or monthly. Simply go to your account settings and impose the maximums you feel comfortable with based on your personal budget. Once you hit a limit, you will not be able to deposit again until the relevant time period resets.

PrizePicks also has built-in limits that apply to all users. These include the $10 minimum deposit threshold and maximum deposits that vary by user profile and tenure on the platform. If you try to exceed these limits, your deposit will be rejected.

If at any time you feel your gaming activity is becoming problematic, please reach out to PrizePicks for support. We can guide you to helpful resources or help you self-exclude from depositing and playing. Your wellbeing is our top priority.

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