Who We Work With

Taking Global Brands to New Heights

When MC Group and Icon merged in 2019, we not only elevated and strengthened our own capabilities, but we also created significant opportunities for our customers. We’ve had the privilege of helping organizations in numerous markets throughout the world achieve their signage, construction, repair and maintenance, and energy management goals for more than 150 years combined. At MC Group | Icon, we’re continuing that level of service for our customers but with a unified, renewed, and expanded portfolio of capabilities.

MC Group | Icon works with organizations in numerous industries, ranging from retail and entertainment to healthcare and financial institutions. Whenever and wherever a brand seeks to better connect with its customers and improve its bottom line, the expert team and proven field network of MC Group | Icon will be there as well — creating stronger brand experiences, improving energy efficiency, reducing costs, and more.

Industries We Serve

  • Retail
  • We help retailers — from big box locations to national chains — connect with customers, create energy-efficient experiences and implement growth-driven brand solutions.
  • Healthcare
  • From wayfinding signage to major campus conversions, we help healthcare organizations improve traffic flow and transform facilities for better patient experiences.
  • Financial
  • MC Group | Icon supports financial institutions like banks with brand implementation, including ATM retrofits, nationwide rollouts, and preventative maintenance solutions.
  • Non-Retail Financial Institutions
  • Trust is the key to customer loyalty. We help non-retail financial institutions like investment bankers and insurance companies win that trust through innovative signage solutions and more.
  • Telecommunications
  • MC Group | Icon works with the telecommunications industry to improve bottom line business results through signage, energy management, construction, and more.
gas pump
  • Petroleum & C-Stores
  • We connect gas stations and convenience stores with compelling, energy-efficient, and well-maintained brand and service solutions for long-term success.
  • Restaurants
  • From signage and construction to repair and maintenance, we’re helping restaurants delight customers, reduce costs, and compete in an ever-changing market.
  • Grocery
  • A successful grocery experience requires compelling branding, reliable energy, and well-maintained facilities. We can work with you to deliver these results and more.
  • Transportation
  • MC Group | Icon supports rental car companies, dealerships, and other transportation industry businesses with branded signage, wayfinding, lighting, and more.
  • Hospitality
  • Welcome your customers with innovative and fully supported signage and wayfinding solutions and reduce costs through energy management and preventive maintenance.
  • Public
  • We help public and government organizations achieve long-term goals through signage and wayfinding services, energy reduction, proactive maintenance, and construction.
  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Create and maintain the image your organization deserves. We offer extensive signage solutions, industry-leading construction, expert maintenance, and more.
  • Property Management
  • From apartment complexes and townhouses to other communities, we connect property management companies with the branding and wayfinding services they need to create amazing living experiences.
  • Entertainment
  • Success in the entertainment industry comes with compelling signage, engaging and well-maintained facilities, and other customized brand assets that capture attention.