How We Do It

Helping Customers Achieve Their Goals Quickly and Strategically

When MC Group and Icon merged to form one of the leading brand implementation solution providers in the United States, we didn’t just combine our teams and service offerings. We also combined our work philosophy into one proactive, strategic, and results-oriented approach that delivers true customer success in each and every project.

This is a natural result of bringing together two organizations that were already industry leaders with more than 150 years of combined experience. We have synergized our extensive capabilities, commitment to customer service, technology, and performance thinking into something entirely different. Today, we have become the best brand implementation services provider to organizations throughout the U.S. and beyond.

But achieving the success our customers deserve in their programs and projects requires a distinct focus on what makes us different — and how it delivers positive, long-lasting success to our customers throughout the world.



MC Group | Icon now provides complete customization and manufacturing for virtually any signage requirement. In addition to our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we also leverage an extensive network of trusted manufacturing partners to extend our reach and service. Every signage solution we create matches your brand vision with value-engineered features, ensuring your solution creates the desired impression, uses less energy, and keeps costs down. Coupled with our 24/7/365 maintenance, your solution will be well maintained for years to come and can easily be refreshed when you desire.

Self-Performing Crews & Field Management

Each of our field partners is managed by one of our program or project managers and possibly a W-2 superintendent, providing you with a full complement of expertise and support for your project. These experienced on-site professionals ensure that work proceeds according to plan and remains on schedule and on-budget. If your project involves signage, large-scale lighting, or construction, our on-site leaders also manage bid processes, coordinate with city departments, and keep our customers informed throughout the project.

self performing crews
partner network

Field Partner Network

Thanks to the combined forces of MC Group and Icon, our organization now utilizes a network of more than 2,300 field partners throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and more. Each partner businesses has been fully vetted and graded by MC Group | Icon, ensuring that the companies to whom we entrust our work are experts, have the capabilities needed to do the job, and are ready to deliver on time and on budget.

Project Management

The key to every successful program or project isn’t just the service itself or the technology behind it. It’s all driven by talented, experienced, and professional people. At MC Group | Icon, all of our projects are led by highly trained program and project managers who oversee all of the details of each initiative from concept to completion. Our project leaders come with years of industry experience and knowledge that is put to work for our customers’ success. Your program or project manager remains in contact with you from start to finish, ensuring you know exactly where things stand.

project management


MC Group | Icon has invested in developing and providing the industry’s best technology solutions for our customers. We offer a variety of apps, reporting solutions, proprietary software, dashboards, and benchmarking tools to ensure our customers can easily and instantly understand where their projects are in the process. These tools also allow customers to track the various details and stages of a project, such as permitting, bids, performance changes, asset inventory, and more.